My experience as an Austrian volunteering in Cape Town – South Africa on an international volunteer programme with Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA

It has already been 2 months since I was in South Africa volunteering on an international volunteer programme in Cape Town- South Africa. 2 months, that’s exactly as long as I was with you. Believe me, not a single day will go where I do not think about you, my host family whom I called Auntie or Uncle. The African jokes, the friendly people and the unique South African landscape I miss very much.

One question I ask myself every day is, “how are the kids of my volunteer project placement doing?”  How is the head of my international project placement Laverne doing? She is a wonderful, powerful and an amazing woman and the kids can be happy to have such a great teacher.

Through my international volunteer experience I have learnt that South African people are so thankful for everything they have. Furthermore, everyone is there for everyone. I wish in Austria would not live so many egoists. Austrians should have the South African  lifestyle, because this is the best one.

Now that winter is coming to Austria I would like to be back in Cape Town – South Africa. The beautiful mountains, the great sea and the fertile landscape. South Africa has one of the most beautiful landscapes! I am so thankful that my eyes have seen the beauty of South Africa.


Thanks to all who made my international volunteer abroad programme in South Africa possible. Thank you, Chantel, Mama, Papa, Auntie Sylvie, Uncle Louies, Laverne, Julian and thank you to all the others!

My international volunteer abroad program in South Africa was the best experience of my life! Of course there were up and downs but I managed them all. I am proud of myself that I made it at the age of 17! South Africa has made me more cosmopolitan, happier and more thankful.

For nothing in the world, I want to lose this experience!

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