About us

“Volunteers are needed in South Africa to provide community services in response to the gaps left by government in social services, particularly in areas of health (HIV & AIDS) and social welfare. Other areas include poverty reduction programs, promotion of volunteerism amongst the youth, the aged, gender and human rights promotion.” Volunteer Centre – South Africa

This need and the love for social development inspired the birth of Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA (VMA). VMA understands and has personally experienced the positive impact that volunteers can make within communities.

Our staff lives and work within these communities placing VMA at an advantage in building strong and dynamic partnerships between projects and communities.

Accepting a VMA project, you will experience the real South Africa and interact with people of the community. With the help of your friendly and professional VMA mentor, you will be able to understand cultural differences allowing you to build long-lasting friendships.

The ethos of VMA  is to ensure that volunteer, project, and community benefit. We encourage volunteers to become creative in making a sustainable impact and empower the communities within which they work.

Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA is a BEE social entrepreneurship volunteer and travel company that provides holistic programs that positively affect and have an impact on the lives of volunteers improves the sustainability of projects with the aim of benefiting communities. We are passionate about volunteers, projects, and communities and therefore have created a unique way of involving volunteers in projects within communities.

A Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA experience for volunteer, project, and community is that of edification, cultural exchange, social development, and sustainability.

To ensure that a Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA experience is just that, we have taken on a holistic approach and have ensured that our business encompasses the needs of both community, project, and volunteer, therefore, providing these KEY services:

VOLUNTEER PROGRAMMES (unparalleled continuous mentorship support)

TRAVEL SUPPORT (We provide services for –car hire, bus bookings, domestic and international flights, bookings of sightseeing tours, adventure tours)


Flexibility & Variety

This enables us to match volunteer skills and aspirations to a suitable placement and allows volunteers to join us when it is best for them. There are no set start dates and programs run continuously throughout the year, so we can easily fit your schedule. Whenever volunteers arrive and at whatever time, our staff are waiting at the airport for them with all the details for their project fully prepared.

This flexibility also allows people to combine programs, to live and work with friends, and to work at the placement which inspires them most.