One of the biggest motivations for going abroad is to experience and learn about a new culture. VMA understands that living within a host family in the local community that you are volunteering in, is the best way to experience and learn.

Whilst living within a host family you will be immersed into a new culture. Learning and appreciating, seeing and experiencing the realities of the country that only the locals of communities will know and have you experience.

VMA host families are carefully chosen for security, comfort and friendliness. YOU will never be placed just within any family.

[Accommodation - Volunteer Mzansi Africa]

Our host families live in secure homes and are closely screened and monitored. Your room within your host family will be quite modest but comfortable.

We also ensure that you can be provided with quality home cooked local meals.

As a social entrepreneurship company we are committed to decently compensate our host families however our  host families are interviewed so that we are assured that you are placed within a host family that is friendly and is motivated to host you the volunteer for the right reasons.

[Accommodation - Volunteer Mzansi Africa]

Within a VMA host family, you should be prepared to be welcomed as part of the family, and be eager to share customs as well as teaching your host family about your culture.

We are aware that some people would not prefer a home-stay experience. For them we do provide alternative accommodation within a backpackers or guest house.

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