Emma Eakins

My international volunteering abroad experience in Cape Town –South Africa. Emma Eakins – Northern Ireland I spent 10 fantastic weeks volunteering abroad in Cape Town -South Africa from January through to April 2018. This was a transformative experience for me as I embarked on an international volunteering journey vastly different from life within Europe. From […]

Anna Rickert

Anna-Maria’s experience as a German woman volunteering on an international volunteer program in Cape Town –South Africa Mzansi is a xhosa word and it means “South” or “togetherness” and it remind me of my experience in South Africa in 2013. I am from Germany and I went for a long journey to the southernmost country […]

Andy Schuster

VOLUNTEERING IN CAPE TOWN DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC ANDY SCHUSTER 6 – 7 – 8 weeks South Africa during a global pandemic Long before Covid started I knew, as soon as I would finish my studies and therefore before I enter the cooperate business world, I wanted to go back to the country I fell […]

Michael Duncan

My experience as an international volunteer volunteering in South African – Michael Duncan USA My time being abroad and volunteering in South Africa taught me I can jump into the unknown. Shock also has hit me as I spend time with other queer males, and the issues we have in our community hit me a […]

Kathryn Patten

My experience as an international volunteer volunteering in South Africa Kathryn Patten (Northern Ireland) I’m just back from the most amazing 2 months in South Africa volunteering on a h  Volunteer Mzansi Afrika program. My friend had been before and loved the experience so I already thought I would enjoy it but I never imagined […]


My experience as an international volunteer from Austria volunteering abroad in Cape Town –South Africa on a Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA experience Julian Stolinger (Austrian Volunteer)  More than one month has passed since I’ve been to South Africa as an international volunteer now and I’m still thinking of it every day. It kind of feels like […]

Evan McCleary

My international volunteer program experience as an American volunteering in Cape Town –South Africa hosted by Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA Evan McCleary USA volunteer In reflecting on my eight weeks international volunteer abroad program in Oceanview and Cape Town in general, I think a lot of the times I am at a loss of words because […]

Cory Dowd

My experience as an American volunteer volunteering on an international programme in South Africa – Cory Dowd –Florida USA Volunteer My international volunteer abroad experience with Volunteer Mzansi Afrika was absolutely incredible. Living with a host family in Ocean View taught me so much about living in a different culture and just about people in […]


My experience as an Austrian volunteering in Cape Town – South Africa on an international volunteer programme with Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA It has already been 2 months since I was in South Africa volunteering on an international volunteer programme in Cape Town- South Africa. 2 months, that’s exactly as long as I was with you. […]

Dallas Rice

South Africa, nothing but jungle and desert. Where people walk around naked carrying spears and hunt lions and buffalo, is probably what most African Americans in the United States would say Africa is like.