South Africa is larger than Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands combined.  There are 11 languages, but English is widely understood. All though another home language is Afrikaans which is similar to Dutch. There are also 20 ethnic cultures and beliefs within South Africa. South Africans on the whole are very religious and extremely diverse within their religion ranging from monotheism to Hinduism.

South African cooking has its roots in the many cultures that have traveled through the country over time. This includes the spicy Eastern flavours, the delicate Western tastes and not forgetting the traditional African dishes which you will be able to enjoy whilst volunteering within our communities.

Examples of meals include Bobotie, Snoek, Milktart, Rusks.

African dancing has both historic and social traditions that reflect more significance than those of many other cultures. The dances help celebrate not only special events and festivals, similar to other cultures, but regularly tell the stories of the state’s history. Unwritten oral history, passed through generations before writing became part of the culture, frequently included African dance as a part of the process.

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